Thank you for taking time to visit Spirited Change. We are in powerful times and you have the choice to co-create a magnificent life and step more fully into the work that is yours to do in this lifetime.  We have powerful tools to assist you in your sacred, spirited journey!


Marcia attended Naropa University in Boulder, where she received expressive arts therapy training and other energy tools that transform and heal the ‘whole’ person, spirit, mind, body and heart.

Marcia Breitenbach, The Musical Truth teller and Transformational Specialist.

She is passionate about teaching people to soar into the truth of who they are, their magnificence!  In the past, Marcia mastered blocking the flow and hanging on until her “fingers were cosmically pried off.”  Over the years, she has learned new and powerful ways to let go and co-create with ease with the Universe and she joyfully shares these tools and practices with clients.

Through her presentations, which include humor, original songs, and group interaction, people come away hopeful and refreshed, with a pocketful of useful life tools and a desire to do what is theirs to do with confidence, joy and courage.

“Marcia has succeeded at something that no-one else has ever attempted – she weaves powerful energy principles with her supportive and transformational songs.”

~ Stefanie Hartman,  stefaniehartman.com

  • Magical, Motivational and Musical “Heart and Soul” House Concerts;
  • Informative, Fun and Practical Speaking Engagements (with guitar of course!);
  • Life-transforming Workshops and Retreats.

In addition to these services listed above, Marcia has written and co-written several books, created numerous music and meditation CD’s and DVD’s.



Intentional Music

Music is an integral part of who Marcia is and essential to her work. She calls her music “intentional” because it can be an effective and powerful tool for change when used with intent. She gives clients the necessary steps to use music in this innovative way.

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