Angel Gong Wave

Introducing Harmony to Your Spirit, Mind, Body and Heart and Assisting the Birth of the New You…

Gongs have been utilized across cultures and for centuries in rituals, ceremonies, healing and transformational work. The gong is an agent of change and has a role to play in the balancing and healing of body, mind, heart and spirit. Many are feeling an awakening and shifting of consciousness and a deep desire to serve the highest good of self and other. How to do this amidst a seemingly chaotic world? How to be centered and vibrant as you birth your emerging New You? Enter the “Angel Gong Wave!”

Dream of gong - 3D render

This transformational sound experience can bring your spirit, mind, body and heart into harmonious alignment. The sounds of the gong quickly quiet the mind and bring the participant to a transcendent state.

What is an Angel Gong Wave?

Think of it as a complex series of harmonics emitted by the Angel Gong, moving through your entire being and interacting with your very cells!

Your experience may include:

  • A cleansing and falling away of stress;
  • Release of negativity and removal of old blockages;
  • Peace and and deep relaxation in your body and soul;
  • Feelings of bliss and nurturing;
  • Powerful images that may bring you guidance and answers to your questions;
  • Rejuvenation and revitalization;  Closer connection to the Divine and release of the illusion of separation;
  • Strengthening of purpose and commitment to living a harmonious life.

Marcia Breitenbach has been using music and sound for healing for 25 years. Now is the time to try something new! Support your highest desire to live from your magnificence!

“I hosted an Angel Gong Wave group at my house with Marcia, and it was inspiring! Through the deep healing and connection that the gong provides, I experienced profound insights about a large physical/emotional issue that I have been working with for some time. Others reported visions, profound relaxation and physical letting go…” Leslee Morrison, Tucson, AZ

Set Up Your Angel Gong Wave Today! You can have a private wave at the pool, at your home or business.

Call Marcia at (520) 975-5376 or email at or use the form below and we’ll get back to you!

Upcoming Angel Gong Events

  • Saturday, May 27, 2017 at the pool 3:00-4:30 pm

Santa Rita Springs Salt-Water Pool

$20 in the pool; $15 pool-side; must RSVP to Marcia at or (520) 975-5376
2301 N. Santa Rita Ave, Tucson, AZ (near Grant and Mountain)


  • PLUS, every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm there is a ‘land gong wave’ at Under One Studio at 5343 S. Civano Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85747. Bring mats, blanket and pillow if you like. Fee is $8. Please RSVP to or call (520) 975-5376.


    Sample of Events

    • Friday June 12th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

    Workshops that Include the Angel Gong

    Sacred Journey Workshop3b