House Concerts

Marcia will provide a live music mini-workshop in your home. It is at least an hour and a half of entertainment, music, humor, and coaching.  She has been dubbed “the Musical Truthteller” because she gives you music and energy tools to empower you to live the truth of who you are.

She presents the concert around a theme, such as letting go. Attendees leave with smiles on their faces, a sense of connection and companionship. They come away with life tools that you and your guests can use right away to improve your lives.

Marcia brings other resources, such as CDs and books are also available for purchase to help support further learning and healing!


1.  What is the intention for these concerts?

 As well as providing great tools, entertainment and transformative music, Marcia wants to bring people together.  We spend a lot of time with our eyes glued to our television sets, computers and phones.  This is a time for us to create more connection and community as we move towards a world of greater cooperation and unity.  These house concerts accomplish this goal of connecting heart and soul, and through the raising of the group vibration, the world is lifted as well.

Marcia also wants to see a world where children aren’t hungry and there is a portion of each concert’s proceeds that go to AmeriCares and similar organizations who are feeding hungry children and families.  It adds up and she sees that these concerts can make an impact on this global challenge.

2.  How do I get people there?  Is there a minimum of people to attend?  I’m not sure I know enough people who would come.

Marcia will provide you with invitations that have all the basic information on them. As host, however, it is up to you to send them either by email or snail mail.

In addition to yourself, Marcia requests a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 35 guests.

Feel free to invite your social clubs, networking groups and co-workers!

And, if you would like, invite a friend to co-host and you can then have more people to draw from.  The two of you would choose whichever house makes the most sense to you both for the actual concert location.


3.  What if my home isn’t in a convenient location or big enough for hosting?

If you don’t have a friend who would like to co-hist with you in their home, Marcia’s friend Vicki has graciously agreed to have people host their concerts at her home in NW Tucson if they feel their house is not appropriate.  Ask Marcia for Vicki’s contact information.


4.  How much does it cost to attend the house concert?

There is a suggested donation per person for each concert/workshop which lasts up to two hours.

5.  Should food be prepared for the event?

It is perfectly fine to have only drinks such as water, tea, or coffee, though the concerts seem to be more successful when light refreshments are served.  Some hosts like to have a light snack such as cookies to go with the drink.

6. What are Marcia’s qualifications for doing this type of event?

For the past 25 years, Marcia Breitenbach, MA, LPC, has been a national speaker, creative arts psychotherapist, singer/songwriter, coach and humorist.  She has worked with hundreds of clients in her practice over the years, giving them effective tools for life’s challenges and changes.  Her music has touched thousands worldwide.   She writes music that supports and helps to create lasting positive change so that you can let go, love yourself and others while living your best life and your soul’s purpose.


7.  Can I host more than once?

Absolutely!  Marcia has specific themes for a variety of concerts that she has chosen that represent the best tools of transformation for the times we live in.  She has put together complete concerts around each of these.  In addition, she’ll be happy to customize a concert especially for you and your group! Ask her about the possibilities!



8. What is an Angel Gong Wave?

Think of it as a complex series of harmonics emitted by the Angel Gong, moving through your entire being and interacting with your very cells. Many are feeling an awakening and shifting of consciousness and a deep desire to serve the highest good of self and other.

How to do this amidst a seemingly chaotic world? How to be centered and vibrant as you birth your emerging New You?

Enter the Angel Gong Wave. This transformational sound experience can bring your spirit, mind, body and heart into harmonious alignment.

“I hosted an Angel Gong Wave group at my house with Marcia, and the experience was inspiring! Through the deep healing and connection with the Angelic realm that the gong provides, I experienced profound insights about a large physical/emotional issue that I have been working with for some time. Others reported visions, profound relaxation and physical letting go…” Leslee Morrison, Tucson, AZ

“I received a transforming Angel Gong Wave session and I HIGHLY recommend this vibrational therapy to anyone interested in enhancing their spiritual connection. Complete wholeness of Spirit came through during my time with Marcia ~ I totally look forward to my next treatment. The energy shared in this space was over the moon and I am blessed!” Vicki Hauth, Tucson.

Contact Marcia Breitenbach at (520) 975-5376 or email her at to schedule a house concert or an Angel Gong Wave.