Expanding Into Joy and Self-Acceptance – Thank You!




Marcia Breitenbach, Change Angel and the Musical Truthteller, is a best-selling author, speaker, singer/songwriter, coach and expressive arts psychotherapist.  She has been assisting groups and individuals for 25 years to let go, get unstuck, love and live! Marcia brings her inspiring music, creative strategies for tough times, joy and humor to retreats, speaking engagements, house concerts and workshops.  She works with the Angelic Realm and co-creates powerful vibratory transformation with her Angel Gong Waves.  In addition, she maintains a private practice and is also Music Director for Unity Church of Peace in Tucson.





ITEM #1 — Choosing Joy Teleclass

During this 70-minute class, Marcia will provide you with 13 effective and powerful tools you can choose from to create the higher vibration of joy in your being and in your life.  You will also experience some of Marcia’s intentional music during the class and how it too plays a part in your experience of joy.



ITEM #2 — The Five-Minute Joy Vibration

This tool is so easy and fun and can bring you into that higher vibrational state of joy in just a few minutes.  This one tool can bring your spirit, mind, body and heart into a receptive state for positive transformation and healing.



ITEM #3 — The Magnificent Belief CD 

The Magnificent Belief System CD assists you in transforming limiting beliefs and negative thinking. This innovative system combines the power of a song with lyrics supporting your shifting to magnificence, followed by a full-body relaxation exercise with ocean waves to take you deeper, and then followed by supportive belief statements and affirmations that address your health, your self-esteem, your relationships with self and others, your finances, and your overall well being. This CD has been getting rave reviews from Marcia’s clients for years.

Track #1 – Introduction and How to Use This CD


Track #2 – The Magnificent You Song


Track #3 – Full Body Relaxation With Ocean Sounds


Track #4 – Beliefs – Health


Track #5 – Beliefs – Abundance


Track #6 – Beliefs – Success


Track #7 – Beliefs – Self-Worth


Track #8 – Beliefs – Love and Relationships


Track #9 – Closing


Want to download the entire CD for your iPod/MP3 player?

Click Here to download the Magnificent Belief CD (zip format)


ITEM #4 —Intentional Music to Expand Joy and Self-Love

You may not have taken your “musical supplements” yet today, and, you will certainly want to incorporate them into your daily diet when you get this fun tool from Marcia.
This report not only gives you the keys to using music intentionally to expand your joy vibration and create new neural pathways in your brain, Marcia is including several songs as well!

Included are 3 songs to help you to choose joy and make that a daily habit, as well as 3 songs to assist your self-acceptance goal.  Many of these come from her newest CD, “Gifts of Joy.”



ITEM #5 — Catch the Breeze E-Book

Never offered on its own, previously only available with the E-Course. 125 pages of tools, exercises, resources and a story of 2 neighbors and their magical connection.  Catch the Breeze E-Book can help you make your life challenges, change, and everyday life much easier, more balanced and joyful with these outstanding and tested energy principles and exercises.



 Download this document to get the lyrics to all songs in the Intentional Music Report…