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ITEM #1  – One Hour Coaching Session with Marcia and the Angelic Team                                

Contact Marcia at marcia@themagnificentyou.com to set up your coaching session.

During this hour-long phone session , Marcia gives you an abundance of support!

Marcia will introduce you to 5 Essential Mindful Practices and a toolkit specific to your life situation.   You can use these every day to shift you and your life into higher gear and vibration. 

You will also experience a personal angelic love and healing transmission.  Receive love and healing from the archangels.  This is your time to give yourself the gift of change.  If you keep doing the same things, yet expect different results, what do you get?  You know the answer.

This coaching session is like your own personal workshop with Marcia!

“We chose Marcia from a host of other fabulous applicants to be the main speaker and teacher at our women’s retreat.  We were so pleased with all that she shared with the group and we got great reviews from attendees.  Time flies while learning and experiencing in a workshop with Marcia.  We had so much fun that we barely knew we were starting to embody the concepts.”  

~ Beth Schecher, Long Island, NY

ITEM #2 – Your Choice of One of Marcia’s Books, CD’s or DVD

Marcia wants you to make the choice of one of her products, which she will ship to you.  During your live coaching session with her, you will choose the one that best suits your growing edge.  Perhaps it’s her book, Winds of Change, with accompanying music CD, or one of her CD’s of original music, or even the pet loss DVD.  It will be sent to you following your session.

“Your music and your book (Winds of Change) have been such an inspiration to me following the death of my Sandy (my beautiful dog).   I listen to the songs all the time, and I’m constantly going back to the thoughts, suggestions and affirmations in the book. Thank you Marcia!”  

~ Mariana


ITEM #3 – How Do I Say Goodbye to My Friend?  – E-Book – click here to download

This personal e-book, written by Marcia Breitenbach, tells the story of her love for her rescued dachshund Candy and the miracle surrounding her death and transition.  Marcia also gives the reader loving tools to make the grief journey more peaceful and easeful.

Marcia understands that animals are sacred beings and teachers.  The challenge of losing a beloved animal companion, or the feelings that accompany an impending loss, are ones that Marcia personally and professionally understands.  Through her personal experience as well as her professional experience of facilitating a pet loss bereavement group for many years, and working with individuals in her private practice, Marcia developed tools that can support us as we go through these changes with our animals. 

“Your writings on pet loss and how to deal with it have literally saved my life.  I felt so despairing after the death of Lucas and everything around me started to collapse.  My health, my job, my family and friends.  I am so grateful that you shared your gifts and experience with me.  I feel I have the tools now to cope with any future losses as well.”

~ James P.


SONY DSC#4 – Two Articles on Coping with Pet Loss by Marcia Breitenbach

Pet Euthanasia:  How do I Know When it’s Time?
Pet Loss:  Significant and Profound Loss or Much Ado about Nothing?

Take advantage of Marcia’s expertise and gain additional tools and insight in these articles.  You can also share them with love ones who are experiencing grief or are anticipating the loss of their beloved pet.

There was one sentence in your article that gave me my “ah ha” moment and peace of mind to make my decision with more ease. Your genuineness and experience are wonderful!  Thank you so much!”

~ Joan R., Tucson



ITEM #5 – Four-Legged Wonder mp3 – click here to download


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Enjoy Marcia’s original song, Four-Legged Wonder, that celebrates 3 important lessons her animals have taught her:  to open her heart to love, speak up and say what’s on your mind, and to make play and fun a part of every day.

Through listening and re-listening to Marcia’s songs, you begin to create new neural pathways in your brain that can then become the default pathway.  Why not create more joy, love and courage in such an easy way!

“Your songs are like a lifeboat that can carry one through a storm of the winds of change.  Also, every word rings true and is a valuable signpost on the road to healing.  I will always be grateful for the courage, compassion, inspiration, wisdom, beauty, generosity of spirit, creativity and humor that you have given to the world in your work.” 

~ Ella G., New York

 catch_the_breeze_newITEM #6 – Catch the Breeze E-Book  – click here to download                  

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Previously only available with the E-Course. 125 pages of tools, exercises, resources and a story of 2 neighbors and their magical connection.  Catch the Breeze E-Book can help you make your life challenges, change, and everyday life much easier, more balanced and joyful with these outstanding and tested energy principles and exercises.

Marcia Breitenbach is the “genuine article.”  Her music and her writing speak from the heart and to the heart. If you really want to uncover and recover the magnificence and majesty of who you are, take her courses, read her books and listen to her truly inspired and angelic music.  It will transform you!  Guaranteed!  Her music transports you into a space of openness and receptivity so that you can truly “know,” love and embrace yourself. She offers you the keys to your healing and wholeness. She leads you from the “little you” to the “real You.”  She is a true healer and teacher.”

~ Yanni Maniates, author of Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life


Marcia Breitenbach, MA, The Change Angel, is a speaker, angel intuitive, coach, former psychotherapist, author, singer/songwriter, and Angel Gong Wave facilitator.  She is also the Music Director at Unity Church of Peace in Tucson. Marcia has been assisting groups and individuals for 25 years to let go, get unstuck, love and live! Marcia brings her inspiring music, creative strategies for tough times, joy and humor to retreats, speaking engagements, house concerts and workshops. 

Marcia combines her experience, gifts and talents to serve as we go through rapidly changing times –joyfully guiding people to let go, love and accept themselves and move through change and challenges with more ease and grace. 

Because we are in times of shifting frequencies on the planet, it’s crucial to have tools that actually help us to find peace and balance, especially when we are facing changes that bring tumultuous feelings.

Marcia’s intentional music, work with the angelic realm and her Angel Gong Waves is lifting frequencies and helping us to release what no longer serves. Along with her three self-help books, numerous empowering CDs and  DVD, Marcia’s original intentional music has motivated and inspired people from around the world.

“Personally, I have found that during such stressful times, music is an amazing way to lift us when we are struggling. This is why you need to know about Marcia Breitenbach. Marcia has created music which is not only meaningful, but which is also designed to be intentionally powerful enough to transform and heal.  If you  or a loved one is feeling challenged emotionally or physically, perhaps grieving, traumatized or ill, do yourself a favor and and treat yourself (or others) to the work and CDs of Marcia Breitenbach. She takes you from feelings of powerlessness and victimization to empowerment, strength and inner peace.”  

Susan Apollon, author of Touched by the Extraordinary



(worth over $500)