Angel Gong Wave

Introducing Harmony to Your Spirit, Mind, Body and Heart and Assisting the Birth of the New You…

Gongs have been utilized across cultures and for centuries in rituals, ceremonies, healing and transformational work. The gong is an agent of change and has a role to play in the balancing and healing of body, mind, heart and spirit. Many are feeling an awakening and shifting of consciousness and a deep desire to serve the highest good of self and other. How to do this amidst a seemingly chaotic world? How to be centered and vibrant as you birth your emerging New You? Enter the “Angel Gong Wave!”

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Thank you for taking time to visit Spirited Change. We are in powerful times and you have the choice to co-create a magnificent life and step more fully into the work that is yours to do in this lifetime.  We have powerful tools to assist you in your sacred, spirited journey!


Marcia attended Naropa University in Boulder, where she received expressive arts therapy training and other energy tools that transform and heal the ‘whole’ person, spirit, mind, body and heart.

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Marcia speaks locally as well as nationally to large and small groups on a variety of topics that address living your best life, using powerful energy tools and strategies to move through change with more ease, balance and joy, and the use of music, movement and other expressive media for creating optimal wellness.


Speaker, Group Facilitator and Seminar Leader…

Informative, Fun and Practical Speaking Engagements
(with guitar of course!)

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